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Bonds & Specialty Insurance

There are several types of insurance that are specialty coverages for unique situations; you will find these listed below, but if you need coverage that you do not see - don't hesitate! Contact us at 704-629-1500 or email Ann Weisgerber at MyWiseIns2@gmail.com for personalized service.

  • Bonds and Construction Bonds

Bonds and Construction Bonds are designed to protect both you and

your client, and should things go wrong, they do both! A properly

designed Bond will protect your company from unexpected

occurrencesand keep you from having to pay out for losses that

may have been incurred by your employees, faulty equipment

and a number of other circumstances. 

Construction Bonds (also referred to as Surety Bonds), on the other hand, are specific bonds which

will protect you against a variety of occurrences if you are in

the construction trade. As building projects grow, the complexity of those projects grows as well, and the completion of any project will depend on all the moving parts doing their job - on time and correctly. Construction bonds protect both you and your clients should some of those moving parts become unreliable. For instance, what happens if you are set to begin a new project and the Electrical Subcontractor can no longer fulfill their obligations? Construction bonds guard against this type of calamity and everything else that can go wrong on a large project. In fact, many projects will have multiple construction bonds and require that separate contractors acquire these bonds as part of the bid process.

  • Loss Of Income and Employee Protection

Many businesses don't think about this until it is to late, and it can mean the difference between a business surviving and not. You may be covered for fire, flood or earthquake through your normal policies, but those policies do not cover the loss of income that comes with the rebuilding of your business! Just because you are rebuilding your business structure after a fire does not mean your bill collectors are going to wait for their money. Do the math on how much income you bringh in each month, and you will quickly see the need for this type of coverage.

What About My Employees?

And, when it comes to that, how many people can survive on Unemployment Insurance alone? If you spend three months rebuilding, you stand to lose not just the sales receipts for that time period, but a more valuable asset as well - your trained and motivated work force! With Employee Protection Coverage, you can help to make sure that your employees have enough income during your down period so that you won't have to look for an entirely new work force once your operation is back up and running.

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