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Home & Renters Insurance

Guns, Collectibles and Jewelry have limited coverage with Home and Renter's Policies - Make sure you have the additional coverage needed to protect the full value of your valuables!

There are a number of things to consider where your home is concerned - many of them are the same whether you own or rent your home! The first things are simple - you need to make sure your possessions are covered for any type of loss that may occur, whether it is fire, theft, or specialized losses which are not covered under normal policies. These could include flood and earthquake insurance. 

The next area of concern is making sure all of your possessions are covered by your policy, and that you have enough insurance for your possessions. Do you have specialty equipment, such as photography equipment or music gear? What about jewelry? Talk to your Wise Insurance Agent to make sure your coverage actually covers everything you need it to. Should the worst happen, the last thing you want to hear is that you needed specialty coverage!

Renter's Insurance

The best thing about Renter's Insurance is that it can be very inexpensive compared to other types of insurance! Unfortunately, a lot of people don't even think of Renter's Insurance until it is to late. You don't have to worry about the apartment or house that you are living in - that is the owners concern. But their insurance will not cover your possessions, and it will not give you a place to live should the worst happen. Let Wise Insurance Agency help you make sure you are covered, not only in the area of possessions but also relocation insurance that will make sure you have a place to lay your head at night should the apartment or home you are renting become uninhabitable for any reason! Contact Wise Insurance today at 704-629-1500 to make sure you are covered.

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Homeowner's Insurance

All the considerations about possessions are the same in Homeowner's Insurance and Renter's Insurance. This means making sure you hav sufficient Habitation Insurance, which will make sure that you have a safe secure place to stay until you can get your housing situation straightened out. But with homeowner's Insurance there are other considerations as well, and these could mean the difference between being happy with you insurance or realizing you did not do enough research or ask enough questions. Wise Insurance Agency will help guide you through this process and make sure you have the coverage you need should the worst events happen. This includes insuring the actual replacement cost of your home, not just the appraised value; making sure you are covered under extra-ordinary circumstances, like floods or other events not normally covered in a homeowner's policy and m,any other things that may not occur to you when you are putting your policy together! Call Keith or Ann at Wise Insurance Agency to make sure you are asking the right  questions, and let us help you make the best choice in Homeowner's Insurance!

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